20541 domain is no longer available! ?

Picture "R.I.P. Freenom"

Unfortunately, from April 25, 20541 domains will no longer be available. We decided to warn you in advance. ?

If you have linked your accounts anywhere to our Freenom domains (which we always highly recommend against doing) – relink.

What to do?
We have purchased another 100 domains that will live for a whole year. To use this bundle, use mail_type=FRESH.
But the best thing is to link your personal domain (mail_type=MINE). So you can monitor its lifespan on your own and prolong it if necessary.

Why is that? ?
We bought these 20500 domains exactly a year ago. They are out of date, we do not prolong.

Why don’t you buy more?
Freenom does not issue new domains yet, there are none on the market. We are preparing our solution to reduce the cost of domains for mail. The implementation time is still shrouded in mystery even for us. ?