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Hello everyone Today we are forced to introduce a commission of 10% for all deposits in rubles

Well, you will lose your clients. Crypto isn’t stable and not everyone uses it
Favorite customer

Of course, we don’t want to lose you, dear Customers! Therefore, we extend our helping hand in the form of a guide “How to use crypto?”. The guide will be small. I will tell you how you can replace the usual payment methods with cryptocurrency.


  1. Stablecoin (UDST / BUSD)
  2. Where to keep cryptocurrency?
    2.1 Nuances when you making payments
  3. How to replace payments in rubles with maximum convenience?
  4. Final argument

1. Stablecoin (UDST / BUSD)

Stablecoin is a general name for cryptocurrencies, the exchange rate of which is being tried to stabilize, for example, by linking quotes to conventional currencies or exchange-traded commodities (gold, oil).

And this means that the statement of our Favorite Client isn’t true. We don’t talk about cryptocurrency as a method of investing and do not call for it. Yes, indeed, in this context it will be very unstable and difficult to use. Our team uses the crypto only as a means of payment. That’s what I’ll tell you.

We will talk about USDT and BUSD coins. In my opinion, they are the most popular at the moment and easy to use (depending on where you keep them).

2. Where to keep cryptocurrency?

From my experience, I choose 2 places for keeping cryptocurrencies.

  1. Binance => https://www.binance.com/
  2. TrustWallet => https://trustwallet.com/

Which one to choose? Everything is simple. If you are a beginner and too lazy to read something, study, think, waste time – TrustWallet. Downloaded, installed, received a wallet.

If there is a desire to explore the world of cryptocurrencies, suffer with identity verification, weekly follow the news about sanctions (if you are from the Russian Federation) – Binance is perfect for you.

2.1 Nuances when you making payments

If you use TrustWallet=>USDT, don’t forget to add a little TRX coin to your wallet, which is so necessary for making payments. The commission for 1 transfer (everywhere) is 1$. Please note that you only need to work with USDT TRC20, not ERC. Otherwise, the commission will be several times higher.

Are you using Binance=>BUSD? Great! For your suffer with verification you are rewarded with a transfer without commissions and the easiest exchange of any crypto to the one you need in a couple of clicks!

3.How to replace payments in rubles with maximum convenience?

At the exchangers, of course. The most popular monitoring of exchangers — https://www.bestchange.ru/

I advise you to use more specific parameters. For example, do not change RUB=>USDT in the direction “RUB=>USDT card”. It is better to look at the rates of specific banks, they can be very different. The USDT coin has a higher turnover than BSD, so its rate is a little more profitable.

You may be surprised that at a cost of $ 1 = 68.8 rub, the exchange rate on the exchanger is 73p! But wait, because the difference is about 5%, which is the usual commission for replenishment.

From the point of security – for 5 years of using exchangers with BestChange, we have never been scam there, although the situations were very different

4. Final argument

When you using cryptocurrency to top up balance on our service, you are guaranteed receive 5% of the total amount in the form of a bonus ✅