Adding your domains

Now, to add your own domains, you do not need to write to support and wait for them to be added. Everything can be done automatically, through @kopeechka_bot.

We go into the bot and click “Link your domain“.
If you don’t know what to do, select the instruction for your registrar and set up domains according to it.
After setting up domains at the registrar, send them to the bot using the specified format.
After some time, you will receive a notification that the domains have been activated. After that, you can use them!

How to use linked domains?

Just specify them in the mail_type variable, or their zone (for example, for the added domain, specify mail_type=com), or leave the mail_type empty. These domains will simply be added to your total search results to the domains, so there are no special features regarding their use.

You can unlink your domains at any time without notifying support of this action. The system will untie them itself (within a month). If you want earlier, ask support to remove them.

Use unlimited plans for your and our domains! It will be many times cheaper than buying each mail for 5 kopecks.