API documentation

Did you know that we have a convenient API documentation?
If not, then here you can find a small guide on its use.

First, let’s take a look at what an API is and how it works.

APIs are mechanisms that allow two software components to communicate with each other using a set of definitions and protocols. For example, a weather service software system contains daily weather data. The weather app on the phone “talks” to this system via an API and shows daily weather updates on the phone.

In simple words, using the API, you access our server by sending requests to it.

The first step in working with our API tutorial is authorization.

You will need a token (API_KEY) for authorization.
It is located in the “My profile” tab in your account. After inserting the token, it will be automatically substituted in all requests. Now we are ready to go.

Let’s analyze the work with the documentation on the example of a mail request.

Here we need to fill in 2 required parameters:

  • $SITE – the site for which we need mail (twitter.com);
  • $MAIL_TYPE – mail type (gmail.com).

After that, click on the “Execute” button.
Below we will be given the request URL, details and the status of the mail request.

From the “Response Body” column, you can understand:


Status - OK

Activation id - 1698789133

Email - GeorgeMartinezyOAndyHiu@gmail.com

Here you can also see the errors that you can meet and their causes.

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