BAS template

Information about the site: is an online platform that offers buyers bundles of video games, e-books, and software at flexible prices.

The target audience
The main users (13 million and more monthly) from USA (according to SIMILARWEB).


-Account promotion (likes, subscriptions, etc.);

-A solvent audience (age 25-34 is 30%);

-Quick indexing by search engines of new material. A fresh publication is instantly in the field of view of search engines;

Accounts can be sold

The use of the template

First of all, we need to perform some settings.
To do this, open the template, press the “Record” button.

And we get into the settings window.

Here all the parameters are set: the number of flows, mail domains, proxy, the path to the file where the logs from accounts will save.

You also need an API key from our site

You can find it without problems by looking at this gif ⬇️

  • A huge plus of this template is multi-language.
    You can choose one of the nine languages for the output of logs.
  • Prohibition of downloading extra files
  • Mail confirmation through the postal service kopeechka.Store