Bottle Neck

? Bottle Neck ?

I think you know this phrase.
Briefly about the situation – you have bought a tariff for 30 streams, but there is the TIME_LIMIT_EXCEED error. So, it is impossible to work. Why? Because of the Bottle Neck ?

? In details:
For example, when you start your template in 300-500 streams (the amount doesnt matter), all of them are asking for mail at once. For this reason, they have a timeout (after all, you didn’t buy 300 or 500, but only 30). But later, when the software is ready to work stably, the maximum purchases from you is not more than 15 emails per second.

? What changed:
Today we tested the system that will be more loyal to overloads.
At the start you have 10 seconds, within which you can exceed the purchase limits. After 10 seconds, the system will set the stream limit according to your tariff for 10 minutes. When 10 minutes are over, it will be allowed to overrun the limits again.

? To sum up:
In this way, our system will not stop your work and the software will work properly from the very start as it should, without artificial slowdown.