Capitalist payment system – what is it and how to use it

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? Capitalist what is it and why is it needed
? How to register
? Verification in Capitalist
? How to top up without commission in Capitalist
? How to withdraw money to a card from Capitalist
? Advantages and disadvantages of the payment system

Capitalist what is it and why is it needed is a payment system that allows you to transfer funds between account holders for 0% commissions, and also provides a wide range of different payment methods, including cryptocurrency.
You can use it to pay for an advertising campaign on and other foreign platforms.

How to register

Getting access to Capitalist is a quick and easy process.

To begin, go to the official website and click the “Registration” button.
Next, fill out the standard fields in the proposed form, such as login, email address, nickname and password.

Verification in Capitalist

To be able to use cryptocurrency and order a Capitalist virtual card, you must undergo verification. Without this step, it is impossible to obtain all the benefits of the system. For verification, you must provide documents confirming the identity of the account owner.

To verify your account, you need to fill out the form via the link.

There are 2 points in the form:

1) Personal data
2) Address confirmation

Important! All copies of documents must be in color and in good quality.
File formats: PNG, JPG, JPEG, PDF.

How to top up without commission in Capitalist

There are a large number of ways to top up your Capitalist balance.

1) Transfer through a bank using SWIFT or SEPA.

2) Cash replenishment.

3) Internal transfer.

4) Livecoin exchange checks.

5) Bitcoin/USDT.

6) Visa or Mastercard.

Features of replenishments:

The first method is available only to legal entities. persons, and also requires approval from those. support;

The second option is available to users from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kyiv. For additional For information, it is better to contact those. Capitalist support;

The third option is a transfer from any Capitalist user;

Using the fourth replenishment method, you need to know that the commission is 2%;

The fifth method involves replenishing via USDT or BTC, which usually takes 6 network confirmations;

The last option is the simplest; when you top up, you buy the USDT Tether cryptocurrency, which is converted into dollars, which go to your Capitalist wallet.

How to withdraw money to a card from Capitalist

To withdraw funds from the Capitalist system, you must complete the following steps:

1. Log in to your personal account and go to the “Transfers” section.

2. Select the desired payment direction in accordance with the required parameters.

3. Specify the wallet from which you want to withdraw funds.

4. Enter the details of the recipient of the funds.

5. Enter the amount and Capitalist will automatically calculate the fee and the total amount that will be charged.

6. Select the required verification type.

7. Click “Next” and follow the instructions that appear on the page.

With your Capitalist account, you can make payments in a variety of ways, including:

Payment systemCommission
CapitalistNo commission
WebmoneyCashback 5%
Qiwi3 %
ЮMoney3 %
Bank cards of the Russian Federation, RUB4 % min 35 RUB
Bank cards of the Russian Federation, RUB (Card2Card)3.5 % min 50 RUB
Bank cards of Ukraine, UAH2 %
Bank cards of Kazakhstan, KZT2.5 %
Bank cards of Uzbekistan, UZS2.5 %
Bank cards Mastercard Worldwide, EUR/USD4.75 % + 2 EUR
PayTM (India)5 % + 7 INR
IMPS (Immediate payment service) (India)7 % + 7 INR
Beeline, MTS, Megafon, Tele21.8 %
Wire USD2.5 %min $50 (BEN) / $70 (SHA)
Wire EUR2.5 %min 50€ (BEN) / 70€ (SHA)

The data in the table is taken from the official website of Capitalist and is current as of 09/22/2023

Advantages and disadvantages of the payment system


✅ Variety of currencies: the system provides the user with the opportunity to use various currencies, including dollars, euros, rubles and cryptocurrencies. This is convenient for international transfers and currency exchange.

No fees for internal transfers: the system allows users to make internal transfers without additional fees, which saves money.

✅ Innovative mass payments: Capitalist implements an original solution for mass transfers to bank cards and e-wallets in any corner of the planet, which greatly simplifies the procedure for sending funds to various recipients in different countries

Built-in exchanger: The system has a built-in currency exchanger that allows users to easily and quickly convert currencies directly in the wallet, without the need to go to external exchangers.

Affiliate Program: Capitalist offers an affiliate program that allows users to earn money from the financial transactions of their referrals and earn additional income.

Strong Wallet and Data Security: Capitalist provides strong wallet and data security for users to ensure financial security.


❗️ Mandatory account verification: To fully access the system’s functions, users must go through an account verification process, which can take time and cause inconvenience.

❗️ No Mobile App: Capitalist does not offer a mobile app at this time, only a well-tailored site for phones, which may limit usability on mobile platforms.

❗️ The virtual card is only available to citizens of the European Union.

❗️ Unfavorable Currency Exchange Rate: Although Capitalist has an internal currency exchanger, the exchange rate is not always the most favorable for users, which may impact currency conversion transactions.

In total, Capitalist has a number of unique advantages, including multi-currency, no commission on transfers within the system, the possibility of mass payments and an affiliate program. However, there are downsides to consider, such as account verification, lack of a mobile app, restrictions for non-EU citizens and potentially unfavorable currency exchange rates.