About crypto

Hi everyone, let’s do a blitz on cryptocurrency as a means of payment.

Well, you will lose your clients. Crypto isn’t stable and not everyone uses it
Favorite customer

We certainly do not want to lose you, dear Clients! That’s why we lend a helping hand in the form of a guide “How to use cryptocurrency?“. The tutorial will be small. In it, we will tell you how you can replace conventional payment methods with crypto.


  1. Stablecoin (UDST / BUSD)
  2. Where to keep cryptocurrency?
    2.1 Nuances when you making payments
  3. How to replace payments in rubles with maximum convenience?
  4. Final argument

1. Stablecoin (UDST / BUSD)

Stablecoin is a general name for cryptocurrencies, the exchange rate of which is trying to stabilize, for example, by linking quotes to conventional currencies or exchange-traded commodities (gold, oil).

Which means that our Favorite Customer’s statement is not entirely correct. We do not talk about cryptocurrency as an investment method and do not encourage it.
Yes, indeed, in this context it would be very unstable and difficult to use. Our team uses crypto only as a means of payment.
This is exactly what we will tell you about.

We will talk about USDT and BUSD coins. In our opinion, they are the most popular at the moment and easy to circulate.

2. Where to keep cryptocurrency?

There are a huge variety of crypto wallets, but we will highlight the simplest in our understanding – TrustWallet

Why him? It’s simple. If you are a beginner and are lazy to read, study, think, spend time, then you should use TrustWallet.
Download it, install it, get a wallet.

P.S. We do not oblige you to use it.
Everyone has his own cryptocurrency wallet to his liking, we show you the simplest one, in our opinion


In case of using TrustWallet – our currency for work will be USDT.

2.1 Nuances when making payments

If you use TrustWallet=>USDT, don’t forget to send some TRX coins to your wallet, it is necessary to make payments. Commission for 1 transfer (everywhere) – 1-3$. Please note that you need to work only with USDT TRC20, not ERC. Otherwise the commission will be many times higher.

3. How to replace payments in rubles with maximum convenience?

On exchangers, of course. The most popular exchange monitor is

We advise to use more precise criteria when exchanging. For example, do not exchange RUB=>USDT in the direction of “Card RUB=>USDT“. It is better to look at the rates of specific banks, they may differ greatly.

You may be surprised that at the cost of 1$ = 92.4 rub the exchange rate is 94r! But wait, because the difference is about 5%, which is the usual commission on replenishment.

In terms of security – in 5+ years of using exchangers with BestChange we have never been scammed there, although the situations were very diverse

4. Final argument

Equairings* – may not work at the most inopportune moment.
This is where our cryptocurrency wallet will help us. Do not forget that replenishment with crypto is completely anonymous and safe, it is faster and you can avoid large fees.

We’re not just talking about replenishing our service, because most people already have cryptocurrency replenishment.

Equairings* – services through which you replenish the service with bank cards / e-wallets.