We have changed the previous messages delivery system during two last hard-working weeks. Now, there are some new advantages:

Less errors;
Emails` in stock count rapid and accurate;
Timeouts and “OUT_OF_STOCK” errors was fixed;

New system allows us to set DIFFERENT cost of each site SEPARATELY.
Current prices are on the website in the ordering box.
We will notify you about prices change on the channel.

For example, based on the in stock count and the demand, we can make the cost of HOTMAIL for 0,1 rub, and for a site with low demand and huge count – 0,05 rub!

We have reduced ALL prices (except of for all services) by 50%, as we want to understand the whole situation with a demand, test the system and warm your interest !

We plan to keep such prices for a long time, perhaps we will make it even lower.