Don’t forget about it


Today is a wonderful day and I want to share something useful.
I reminded you about investing and I want to remind you about something else interesting and functional in our service.

So, someone knew, someone didn’t, but we have the ability to add your domains to our service . Maybe you need long-term accounts (from a month or more), or maybe just certain domains. Add your domain in our bot and enjoy the results (by the way, a special tariff applies to your added domains).

After adding, you need to specify them in API request like this: mail_type=mine and that’s all, magic is out of Hogwarts).
Or if you’re through a website, you choose “our domains -> your domain”.

For those who upload their mails, but also want to work with them yourself, we have a feature. You upload in the same bot, you specify for which site you want to use yourself.
Then in the request and investor=1

P.S. Info from developers:
If you see any errors with (for example, in the bot says that we have it, but you get out_of_stock) – don`t worry, we are improving and can be small bugs.