Don’t forget the important things

Good afternoon!

We added and will add new mails for you: The price is 0.08rub.
They showed themselves well, so test, try – should be great to receive codes.

Fixed There are always many nuances with them, so if something goes wrong, write us immediately. We will fix ⚙️ them.

Now is a good time to remind you that we have a cashback ? feature, and it is here.
Some customers successfully use it and get a part of the money back on Kopeechka balance, and you can keep blowing smoke).

If you forgot what we have and how it works – check the new knowledge base, you’ll find something useful for sure .

And if you need a BAS module – write to Ilya (or our support) and everything will be space ✨
Oh yeah, here’s a template for Twitch.

I think I said everything, so until we meet again, I do not say goodbye