Search for messages by email subject

!A really long-awaited update that opens up new possibilities!

When ordering / re-ordering activation, specify the subject parameter with the subject of your letter and the search will be carried out by it (by sender + subject of the letter).

In this way:

  • Receive the letter you NEED if the site sends two at the same time and gives you the one you don’t need.
  • Receive an email even if it was sent much earlier than you made a reorder request (NOT RELEVANT for our domains).

Answers to possible questions

1)How to get the subject of the letter?
Send your letters to the mail from the service, name the activation ID to support and ask to see the topic. They will tell you what to specify in the subject parameter.

2)What should be specified in the subject parameter?

You don’t need to post the whole thread there. It is necessary to specify 1 word from it, which would distinguish the letter from all others, otherwise, due to numerous recodings, the huge text may change and something will go wrong. If you don’t understand, pay attention to point 1 🙂