File hosts

What is it and why are we writing about it?

The hosts file is used to translate domain names to network hosts.
In plain language, this means that this file is used by the system to translate the symbolic address of the site into its IP, for example KOPEECHKA.STORE –> 123.456.7.89.

There may be problems with access to our site and by changing the hosts file you can use our mirror.

Changing the file hosts

First you need to find it.
Path to the file in different OS:

Windows- c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
Linux- /etc/hosts
macOS- /private/etc/hosts

In the “hosts” file, you need to enter this lines:

Editing on Windows:
Open “Notepad” app as administrator

In “Notepad” itself, click the “File” button, then “Open

We are looking for a notepad along the path above, on the bottom right, select the file type “All files” and open the file “hosts

So we got into the “hosts” file. Now at the very end you need to enter “the same” 3 lines:

Save the changes in the “File” tab or by pressing the “CTRL + S” key combination.


Editing on macOS:
Launch the terminal using the keyboard shortcut “Command (⌘) + T
We enter the command:

sudo nano /etc/hosts

Press “Enter“.

We enter there “the same” 3 lines:

Save the changes to the file.

Now you should have no problems visiting our site.