How I lost 1500usd on KOPEECHKA.STORE domains

Hello everyone! The first article about private IP (have a look, if you haven’t seen it yet and if you have something to say, give us your feedback) was not so popular, but we will try and make the content to win your attention!

The topic of domains is complicated and confusing, and this makes it very interesting. A simple user does not see the difference between linked domains and shared, Freedom (tk, ml, ga, cf, gq zones) and registered through the registrar. I will try to show it in my sad experience. Don’t make my mistakes.

Domains of the .tk, .ml, .ga, .cf zones.
Domains from

It is unbelievable, in 2022 you still can get domains for free! That’s the reason we have so many domains from it. But of course getting them is not so easy. The site has many different security systems, but there are people who can make domains for you for a fee.

We buy from (@orka13) since May 2019, I highly recommend them. They are the best in terms of getting a large number of domains.

The sad thing about this (here is the explanation of the title) is that these domains are quite unpredictable (they can be banned and unlinked by Freenom itself) and also they cannot be prolonged.

Freenom problem

“Free cheese happens only in a mousetrap” is not about these domains. They are “about another thing”. They are perfect when you need a temporary mailbox (got one email and forgot about it). After all, there is no other place where you can get tens of thousands of domains for less than half a million rubles.*

* multiply by 10,000 the cheapest zone with (89rub xyz on 12.11.22)  =  890.000rub

In my case, I linked the mailboxes to the accounts of one well-known mail service in order to restore the blocked accounts by mail in the future (for a month or four).

Everything was perfect. I received letters, the mailboxes were linked. But when I wanted to restore accounts, suddenly I found out that all my Freenom domains were banned. There was no way to get letters with the code from these mailboxes.

So I lost about 5 million accounts that could make a profit now (of course there are more than 100k rubles (1500usd), but less than 1 million, but we’ll leave a nice figure 🙂 ).

Who is one to blame?

Obviously, I’m the only one to blame.

Why is not the service? Because its task is to issue emails (and it did a great job when I linked accounts to mailboxes).

The service is not responsible for expired domains and problems with receiving repeated emails.

How to solve the problem and prevent it in the future?

We know whose fault it is, but what should we do?
There is a solution — to link your personal domains from sites like
I bought 6 domains, linked them to the service, and linked the remaining mailboxes to new mail.

What I got from it:

1) Cashback of 5% from purchases on (if you make them within the first 48 hours after clicking on our link) to the mail service. You can spend money on tariffs, mail — whatever you want. You can’t output it. Write to support for getting it.

2) If the domain “expired”, I can easily renew it for another year. This way I get eternal mail that no one can take away from me.

3) If the service breaks down and will no longer be able to receive emails (it is unlikely) – I will simply change the MX records to yandex corporate mail, or I will create my mail service (using the 10% cashback link), because this is MY domain and it belongs to ME. And the boxes are just “code”, “information” that can be transferred to any other system and reproduced.

Why not use corporate mail or raise your service from the very beginning?

On the web (as the owner of the service), I see a lot of questions and skepticism about the sense of using our service “because there is corporate mail!”

Recently I tried to use yandex mail (correct me, maybe I’m wrong) and saw these prices:

My understanding is that  “user” = mail. So, if you want, for example, 100 emails per domain — you should pay 24’900 rubles at the lowest rate per month!

Of course, there are other mailboxes (as far as I know, many use ). Perhaps, there is something cheaper. But in terms of easier use in amounts (and we have about 1 million different boxes on 1 domain per day) — they definitely lose to our suggestion.

I just leave here prices on our tariff

Why not create your own service?

Of course you can!

Put on any VDS with Debian 9/10/11, put VestaCP there and now we have an email client (RoundCube)! My congratulations 🙂

How many clicks have you made, not counting the buying VPS? I did it in 5 🙂

But how to deal with the great amounts of emails via API is not clear, and it is even more unclear where to store so many emails and how to process them?

You can come to the option “I’ll do it myself, it’s not so difficult” and figure out in detail what you need to buy / search / learn. Then you’ll understand there is no replacement for Neither in amount, nor in efficiency, nor in variability.

Analog services

Some of you may think “Stop showing off, there are tempmails”

But none of them can:

  • Guarantee the uniqueness of the mail for your service.
  • Support more than 500 parallel mailbox requests.
  • Support something other than self-registering domains (and if it can, then no more than 2000 boxes).
  • Work without problems with hundreds of your personal domains, without affecting the final cost of the service.
  • Have more than 20,000 domains in active use for one price.
  • Provide a price for mass work via API from 25 rubles / day ($ 0.4).

NameAPIDomainsRepeated emailsOwn domains
Kopeechka.storeNo restrictions, prices20.000+FreeFree. Available only to you.      No restrictions8FreeNo     10 active mail (5$ per month with discounts)UnknownFreePaid (5$ per month with discounts) (~1000pcs) (~1500 pcs)
FreePaid (3$ per month per one domain)
Comparison of several popular services

The Habra article with an analysis of 5 more services. There are many of them, but I don’t see a point in listing all of them here. They are about the same.

Summing up the conclusions

Accounts are being re-linked, domains are being renewed, emails are received, mails are working.

In my work, I use the “Advanced” tariff, which allows me to order up to 30 emails per SECOND from an unlimited number of domains.

Many people think that even 70 emails per second is not enough for them. That’s not so. Yes, I run into a limitation, but only when starting a project. Then the streams “smoothly split up” in time and there are no restrictions.

It costs 10,000rubles per month (~ $170 on 12.11.22). If you find a service that provides the same functionality more efficiently and profitably, contact us. We will look up to and give you a good bonus!

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