How IMAP works?

Hello, everyone!
There are gonna be a lot of text today.

How will IMAP proxying work?
A little information for those who like to get into the technical part

As you know, we have never and will never give out passwords from mail accounts to keep users’ information private.
But at the same time, we understand that most of the market doesn’t work with our API and we need to connect with those people somehow

For that we made proxy IMAP requests from your software to our mail servers, redirecting them to our servers. With this scheme ( you can see it in the picture in the attachment) you can be sure that you will get only the letters which sender site you have specified when ordering, and your letters no one else will get. Letters are completely safe.

Basically it’s the same job as with normal API requests, the only thing that makes it different is that you can connect from the one program which supports IMAP (spoiler – all of them).

The careful reader will say: “But if the connection is SSL-encrypted, what then? Your server won’t be able to decode the request!”. And he’ll be right. In this case, we advise users to use our certificate to help us decrypt the request on our server side (Fiddler, for example, works this way).

We have been testing our solution for a few days now in various battle situations and we can say with certainty – it works!
And very soon it will go into normal working mode.

In the scheme:
Yellow arrows – user communication with email service (example without our add-ons;

Blue – using our solutions;

Green – decided to make a separate category. It’s just the work of our API. Already now all our clients work with us on “green” arrows.