How to create a temporary email for registration

We’ll tell you what disposable mail is, why it’s needed, and show you how to create it using the example of the best temporary mail service.

How to create a temporary email

To create a temporary email, just go to any email service, for example and go through the tedious registration.

The disadvantage of this method is registration in which you need to indicate your full name, gender, age, phone number, and you also need to remember the password.

How to create a temporary email – register on any email service.

What is temporary mail

Temporary mail is an email box that is used to register on a website.

Why do we need disposable mail?

Disposable email is needed in order not to clog your main mailbox with spam and maintain confidentiality.


This is the most convenient service for obtaining an email address for one letter.

You don’t have to create a new email every time to register somewhere; just enter the site from which you want to receive an email and click “Buy”.

The service provides millions of emails for every taste and costs a penny.

Let’s try to create a temporary email for registration with KOPEECHKA.STORE:

The first stage is registration ?

You can complete a short registration or log in using Google.

After registration, we are immediately thrown into a panel on the site, where we will buy disposable mail.

We enter the site from which we need to receive a letter, the “Buy” button. Select a domain of your choice and click “Pay.”

We copy the email address given to us and paste it into the website from where we need to receive a letter with a link or code.


Go back to the Kopeechka website and click the “Full version of the letter” button

READY! We got everything we wanted (username, password, link)

We also have a video showing how the service works. ⬇️

If the letter does not arrive, we return the money to your balance

The main advantage of KOPEECHKA.STORE is that advanced users can fully automate this process using the software that the service provides. AND REGISTER A LOT OF ACCOUNTS


-Yes, of course you can, but
along with a penny, you don’t need to bother with constant purchases and finding the right mailboxes
they may be banned, and you will have to argue with the supplier about a refund

-For programmers we have only two main API requests, receive mail, receive letter
no need to suffer and connect to mail via IMAP