It’s story time


Started a fire, got you all together

I want to tell you a story:
I registered at Kopeechka and start creating accounts for me. At first I earned money by selling these accounts. Then the service began to be known, it grew, the customer base increased, but I needed more and more. Then the referral program was born.

It’s simple – you invite a friend and get 10% of his spending, and if you are also a developer – you invite your users and earn another 10% of their spending. With soft_id will help our support. Yes, that’s not much. But if you have 100 friends and each spent 10 rubles, then the sum is already 1000rub. ( And if you invite a friend and a user of the software – in the sum of 20%).

Kopeechka grown. I have more friends at this service. Yes, and I began to make more passive money just because I called those who need it.
Yes, they would have come here yourself. But, I would not make 10%.

Small steps make a big result. So my advice to you, friends, remember that you can make money in this way.

A little bit of visual numbers:
We have a user who has a total of 374 referrals. (Not bad, right?)
In the best month, he takes 55492rub. In the ordinary is not much lower. So maybe you need to think about it?

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Module BAS for is ready.