Karma, API v2.0.

Many clients use only 5-10% of the ordered mail. Everything else either hangs dead weight, or immediately canceled. Both options are detrimental to the service, because. messaging channels are clogged.

To limit such actions, the “Karma” system is being introduced, while in testing mode.

System rules:

At the start, you always have 80 points.
When you order a letter it doesn’t have any effect on karma, but here’s when you cancel it/receive a letter:

-1 point for canceling via API / in manual mode
-2 points for cancellation by the server (by timeout)
+2 points for received message

When your karma reaches 0, the system issues a ban for 15 minutes and automatically restores it to a value of 40 points.
During blocking, the API tells you that the mails are over, so you don’t need to change anything in the software.

How long will the testing take?

We plan to monitor the function until 02/20/21, after this date we will finally introduce it.

What else will be introduced besides karma?

API v2.0.
The protocols will be separated in order to support the old version and make it optional to change the protocol in the software. The new one will have a different designation for this error, so that you understand that these are not mails over, but a lot of cancellations.

A request for the “readiness” of the mail will be added.
Optionally, you can send requests when you need to start searching for a letter. This is necessary for those who, for some reason, may not have valid mail and have to cancel them immediately, at the start (special characters in the box, did not pass the captcha, etc.). In this case, karma will not be spent.