KOPEECHKA.STORE – Unique mail activation service

And this is not the whole list! The service provides hundreds of domains for every taste ?

?How the service works:

-Everything is as simple as possible. There is no need to search and purchase mailboxes in advance, which, in addition, may turn out to be invalid, suffer with IMAP, and so on.
You buy a email – we give you a registration message!

✉️You need our service if you:

  1. User of the program for registering accounts using emails
  2. You don’t want to take extra email, which then has nowhere to go
  3. Don’t want to deal with constant purchases and searching for the right mailboxes
  4. You have your own domains that you want to use to receive mail. In this case, domains should belong only to you.
  5. Want to register a huge number of accounts. You can work with any site: Facebook, Instagram, Discord, Twitter, Tiktok, etc. We will issue you an email from any site)

?How to use the service

  1. If you do not have a registration program, you can directly get a code or a link using our service;
    How to order mail from the site
  2. If you use software for registering accounts, then you need to independently integrate the service into your program using our simplest API;
  3. We have ready code for BAS, ZennoPoster, Python.

?Why us?

We can please you not only with pleasant prices for popular mail services, but also offer a unique tariff plan, within which you can receive letters in large quantities almost free of charge.
*The tariff is valid only for our domains, you can find the current list here

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