Step 7. Upload your own emails

To upload your own emails to our service you need to use our Telegram bot, which has a huge functionality, be sure to check it out.

Click the start button, and enter your token (API key)
Choose a language that suits you and click “My mails”

Picture "Getting Started with Telegram Bot"

Next, click “Add mails”

Picture "Adding emails"

Upload a file with emails (You can forward a message with a file from another Telegram chat)
Please note that IMAP mail must be enabled and the password is specified from IMAP!

Also, if you have used (or want to use them to work in our service) these emails are for registration on any resources, please specify them.

Picture "Uploading an email file"

The emails uploaded successfully! You can use them for your own using an additional parameter in the investor=1 API request / when you ordering mail on the site
It’s free.
This emails will be sold for other sites, and you will receive a percentage of their activations, earnings and the number of live mail, you can view “My mail”“Downloaded mail” — and click on the pack.

You can always discuss the percentage of income with our support

Picture "Automatic reload setting"

If you use mail for your own, and you want to use them again, in a circle, you need to “Automatic reboot”