Attracting new investors

? Due to the closure of our main mail provider ❌

To attract new investors, we raise the price for / and subdomains up to 0.30 rubles (~$0.003) ☹️

The changes will take effect on 16.12 at 00:01 GMT+3

? BUT right now we are reduce price to 0.15 rubles (~0.0017$)




In this article we’ll talk about investing your email in our service

The basic principle of investing mail:

Emails can be uploaded to us for sale, and you will receive a percentage of purchases %


You upload 1 mailbox of a certain domain, discuss percentage with our technical support (it depends on the liquidity of the domain and the number of downloaded emails)

1 email is sold to many Clients at once, but under different sites (if one Client buy email for , another one can no longer use it for this site, but it can for any other), and you get a percentage from each activation! Your email can be sold for 1 site or for 10+sites!

We can get some formula:

% of sales * number of successful activations = money

More detailed:

You uploaded 1, on average, price on our service is 0.80 rub.
And support gave you 30% of all sales

We get:

0.24rub(30% of the activation amount) * number of successful activations = money

An important nuance!

“Number of successful activations” is the main variable in all investing. It depends on many factors that we can’t predict and can’t сorrect them. Therefore, we can’t answer on the most popular question: “How much I’ll earn from one mail?”

  • The lifetime of the email (when it will be banned)
  • The number of sites for which your mail will be sold
  • Number of cancellations emails

Why is this necessary?

We have a Clients who register and use them for So that the mail does not remain and does not waste time and sale them — they simply upload to us and receive a good additional income every week.

Also, many Customers who have large volumes and low cost of emails actively use investing and we are happy to share with them part of the service’s profits ?

To upload emails to the service, you need to log in our Telegram bot @kopeechka_bot and select the “My mails”(and you can check earnings from uploaded emails there), more detailed instructions are described in the knowledge base, Step 7



Interesting offer

Friends, I want to continue one story

Working here, a colleague advised me to upload mail to our service. “I don’t promise gold mountains, but every day you will drink an extra cup of coffee,” he said.
I listened to him, started investing in this way. First I drank cup of coffee, then
And at one point I realized that it won`t be better buy coffee.

I uploaded mail for us – now the coffee machine brings me coffee into my cup.
I increased the volume Bought more expensive and better quality coffee.
And I realized that in this way, you can consistently earn some extra money
And now, I would like to recommend it to you. I don`t insist, but it’s worth trying, isn’t it?
Working together with us you will have only goodies.

Do your main task. And throw the investment at the balance. Or withdraw and please yourself with what you need.
In our support, managers are ready to share information with you about what and why.
Here is a bot using which you can upload mail

P.S. Unfortunately has been disabled for the time being – we do not give deadlines yet, since we need to work on them.




Why is this at all?

Let’s tell you a little story.

Petya works to attract traffic from dating sites.
To register profiles, he needs a lot of email and they make up a decent part of his fixed expenses.
Recently, he began to upload purchased emails to us and indicate his website when uploading, so that no one but him could buy them.

? What is the result ?

While Petya works according to his plan, his emails are sold on the service for other sites and fully pay for themselves, and sometimes they allow you to earn a cup of good coffee! Thus, he significantly reduced his expenses.

By the way, we recently updated the interface for investors. Added extended information about packs, “Statistics” section.

Submit your emails and save your money!



Looking for investors!

The service is developing rapidly and on our own we cannot close the demand by mail.

Clipping of statistics for 26.08.21

  • Active users: 135
  • Daily mail requests: 187428

If you have mails that you no longer need (you have already registered for them somewhere) – you can monetize them with us by indicating the site you used when uploading. The percentage that you will receive from activations will be told by technical support (within a day), because. it is highly dependent on the current demand for mail, but persists forever.

? It is most profitable to fill in emails that live for more than a week, otherwise they may simply not have time to recoup.

The main advantage of our service is that emails are sold to several people for different sites, so the more they live, the more you earn.

‼️And one more news – GMAIL.COM returned to the old prices (2rub).