GoogleReger by Delar

By registering mails for your own purposes, you can send them to our service in parallel and receive 40% of sales
More details about this in the article about investing


1. Register on our service Kopeechka.Store

2. Authorize in POST BOT with your token.

3. Go to “My mails” – “Add an empty pack” and specify which sites you COULD use the posts for

4. In the GoogleReger program, open the “Save Accounts” tab

Select any format with the prefix REDIRECTMAIL

Activate the function “Upload mail to KOPEECHKA.STORE” and insert your token

For the empty pack ID, go back to the bot and click on “My mails

Uploaded mails

Copy the ID and paste it into GoogleReger

5. Done, the mail goes straight to the sale!

P.S. for the first 20-30 minutes, mails may be marked as out of service, but this is no reason to panic, they’re just being tested


Email format:

We accept ONLY with redirect mail
IMAP protocol should be or firstmail ONLY


👥Any questions, please contact support
They will tell you the amount of your earnings, coordinate your withdrawals, explain everything in detail.

If you are interested in purchasing the program
GoogleReger by Delar, we advise you to use cashback!
Buy software on our link ⬆️и get 5% discount on your first purchase and 5% on the balance of our service 💵


We are raising prices ?

It’s a terrible shame, but we will have to raise prices on for, and ?

Updated price: 1.5 ₽ (0,016$)


Fixed an error ?

Basically we give out the right code / link from the email ourselves
❗️ But ❗️
this weekend this functionality worked once in a while and many people received messages completely ❌
We have solved this problem and now everything works correctly!

We apologize for the inconvenience ?


Morpheus reminder

Morpheus ?

Did you know that we have a handy regular expression builder – Morpheus?
Will help make a regular exp. for you, makes life much easier ?

We will update it, there are some bugs.
Found a bug? Write to our support – we will thank you with a coupon ?


Your domains guide

? !olleH

A little guide on how to check your domain binding

Read here. ?

Anything unclear? Write to our support, we’ll help you. ?


Your domains

How to check if the domain is properly bound?

You can verify that you have bound everything correctly by using the dig function.

Enter your domain, select the resource record you want to check and that’s it!

The order of checking is as follows:

1) Check the MX record.

2) In the response we get the bound A record (

3) Check the received A record (enter not but

4) If you get our server IP in the response, everything is fine.

If u read this and do not understand- read step 8.

How do I use my tethered domains?

When ordering mail on the site, select “Our zones” -> “My domain

When working with API – in the mail_type parameter specify the required domain, or several domains, separated by commas without spaces

If you want to use all bound domains, specify mail_type=min

We’re waiting for your feedback!
Anything unclear? Write to us!
Like the article – write in the chat!


API updates

Changed the API request for receiving balance ?

Added the cost parameter, now you can view your balance in dollars ?
You can specify cost=RUB / USD (default – RUB)$TOKEN&cost=$COST&type=&TYPE&api=2.0

And a little later we will update the modules for BAS and ZennoPoster for innovations ?

#kopeechka #Updates

We forgot ?‍♂️

? 05.04 we celebrate our birthday – KOPEECHKA.STORE! ?

For as long as 5️⃣ years we have been helping users to solve their tasks with the help of our service.

Every year we are getting better and developing thanks to your support. ✉️

Thank you very much for choosing us!