Modules updates

Updates 🔄

Updated our modules for programs, added balance display in 💲

Fixed small bugs, put variables in order.
It became much more convenient to work.



API updates

Changed the API request for receiving balance 💰

Added the cost parameter, now you can view your balance in dollars 💵
You can specify cost=RUB / USD (default – RUB)$TOKEN&cost=$COST&type=&TYPE&api=2.0

And a little later we will update the modules for BAS and ZennoPoster for innovations 🔜

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New faq

Hi-hi! 👋

We’re coming to you with another update, an update to our FAQ section. 🔄
Searching for what you need has become much easier.
Search now works correctly. 🔍
Optimized, the new knowledge base is faster and more reliable.

Keep in mind that data migration is still in process, some links may not work.
If you can’t open something, please contact our support.

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New functionality

Hi Hi! ?

Added Kopeechka WebMail functionality to the work panel.
Now you can get “passwords” directly on the website.

You can read more about WebMail here. ?
We are constantly improving the functionality of our child.

We remind you ❗️
Passwords do not trigger this, they only work in our service.


The results of the giveaway have already been announced in our Discord channel ?



New payment system

We have completely rebuilt the payment system. ?

Now it is MUCH more convenient than before. ✔️

Over the past week, many payments have been received from Europe and Asia and many other countries, so we have extended the promotion with replenishment through the “Gold Card”, you have another week to replenish without commission. ?

Don’t miss the moment and top up your balance on our service from anywhere in the world. ?


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Currency selection

Hey-hey! ?

Added a new feature. ?
Working on the panel you can select a convenient currency.

You can use: USD, KZT, RUB. ?



Cancel all

Now you can easily and conveniently ? delete all mail activations in one click!

?‍? How to work with the new feature?

Above the “Action” column, there is a button:

It deletes mails to which you have already received an email.
Cancels all requests and returns the money to the balance.



Payments list

We are happy to announce that we have added a new feature that will allow you to view the history of deposits!

Benefits of this feature for you:

✅ Full transparency: now you can find out how much and when you topped up your account on our website.

✅ Convenience and ease of use: View your recharge history with a few simple steps to stay on top of every payment.

We showed how to find it here.

✅ Security: your personal and financial information is under reliable protection, and access to the replenishment history is only possible for you.