We give up. We issue passwords from boxes.
But not real ones ?

Everything is the same as here

❗️BUT with huge improvements:

? API password
Add the parameter &password=1 to your requests and get a password, even if you ordered without it.

With this password, you can log in to our new site – Kopeechka WebMail (Web interface for viewing letters that are stored there for a whole month)

? KopeechkaSoft
A program that changes the HOSTS file and opens access to our mails from any software via IMAP.
❓Why change HOSTS at all?! The answer is here.

? What remains the same:

?‍♂️ We still do not give out real passwords.
Ours work only in our system and you will receive letters only for those for which you ordered the mailbox.
The principle of operation can be found here.

Our support is always in touch.
We are ready to help you, accept suggestions and fix bugs.

Please leave feedback, it is very important to us, we are trying to do the best for our customers.