Twitter DDos-attack

☠️ Twitter DDos-attack us, but now we have already fixed it

? 30 thousand joyful letters per second, such as “A message was written to you!”, “Congratulations on your birthday!”, “Ilon Musk added you as friends!” killed our server 🙁

? That is why we have closed access to , but after some time we were able to improve the system and algorithms, we wouldn`t suffer from such attacks in the future.

? In general, we are faced with the “virtual server problem“. When users are on the same machine and get in the way with each other in performance. If you work with Facebook for 500-1000 accounts and receive 5-10 emails per day at most, why should you suffer from Petya, who works on Twitter or some dating site, and his “matches” kill productivity and destroy work?

Yes, the new system will cope with the flow of emails. But after all, no matter how the hosters assure, VPSes continue to “fry” the performance of their neighbors ?

❕Therefore, I suggest that you once again pay attention to raising an individual server only for your needs.
He will be independent of other people and work even when everyone else is resting. ?

? Installation and configuration of the server – 5000rub once.
Next – the subscription fee. It is calculated individually and depends on the configuration of your server.
? As a bonus, you will receive an individual IP address. You can read about their importance HERE

To order the service, contact support @kopeechka_support_bot