The program has a lot of settings for registration, warming up accounts, mailing, but we will tell you only about emails.

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Unfortunately, the program doesn’t have English, but we will try to help you with the help of pictures

Right-click on the free field and create a task (“Создать”)

Picture "Create task VKAM"

We move to the “Perform actions (“Выполняемые действия”) tab

If necessary, we link not only the phone, but also the “mail from the Kopeechka service” (“Привязать телефон, если нету” – “И почту от сервиса Kopeechka”)

Picture "Registration accounts VKAM"

After clicking on the “Register accounts” (“Регистрировать аккаунты”) button, put a check mark on “Link mail through the Kopeechka service (“Привязать почту через сервис Kopeechka”) and select the required registration method

Picture "Emails Kopeechka VKAM"

To work with our service, we move to the “Settings” (“Настройки”) tab, “Kopeechka Mail” (“Почты Kopeechka”) and in the window that appears, you need to fill in your token and mail type

Picture "Kopeechka VKAM"

In the “Accounts” (“Аккаунты”) tab, we can monitor the entire registration process

Picture "Get email Kopeechka"

This is only a small part of account registration VK.com . To work successfully, you need to choose a registration method, proxy, captcha and find numbers at a cheap price.
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Good luck!