Want FREE! Get FREE!

Since no proposals were received, how can we mark 600 people – we decided to come up with it ourselves, and at the same time test the new functionality.

We open free beta testing of our special tariffs (our domains).
Until August 2, 2021, support will issue (at your request) a special token for FREE with a limit of 100500 mails per second and access to the beta service (you will only need to make a couple of changes to the hosts file).

By the way, more good news!
We found a bug that took away from our users (48 people) a total of 25.000 rubles.
The money has already returned to the balances, so don’t be upset if you have a little more of them!

For all questions, you can contact support t.me/kopeechka_support_bot (9.00-21.00 Moscow time)