It was the source of cheapest emails at the beginning.

Mail.ru emails was the first accounts which we sold via API system for 0.01 rub per message.
We had no repeated emails at that time, such we had no other domains for selling. Frankly speaking, customers had not opportunity to add their sites without support
So, due to lowest prices I chose the name “KOPEECHKA” (it means 0.01 rub in Russian).

As time went on, the service got into various troubles. It`s expenses grew and more funds were needed for surviving. Prices began to rise and it helped us to rising too.

Nowadays, we don’t have to fight for our survival. High prices are not a matter of life and death. We can think about the original idea, look into the bright future, when we will achieve it!

‼️ Cut prices for everything except some destinations (hotmail.com/outlook.com/gmail.com for discord.com, gmail.com for instagram.com and few others).

In most we have:

Hotmail.com/outlook.com – 0.05 rub
Gmail.com (we have, but not for all) – 0.05 rub
Mail.com, yandex.ru, gmx.com – 0.02 rub
Rambler.ru – 0.01 RUB!

If the demand for some destinations will be too high, the price will be regulated (upward) so that everyone has enough for everything.
To check the actual prices for your site, please visit our website and fill the ordering form.

We wish you a productive week and good work with us!