ZennoDroid quora.com template

Information about the site

Quora is a social knowledge sharing service, a question and answer site for users from different countries.

The target audience
The main users (710 million and more monthly) from USA (according to SIMILARWEB).


-Blog promotion (likes, subscriptions, etc.);

-A solvent audience (age 25-34 is 30%);

-Quick indexing by search engines of new material. A fresh publication is instantly in the field of view of search engines;

Repeat everything behind us, otherwise you will not have anything to work!

1. Import our assembly Memu (.ova file) to our Multi-Memu.

After imports, be sure to make sure that the assembly is called Memu, as in the screenshot above.
If the name is different – rename it, otherwise the templates will not be launched, as they are looking for assembly for launching by name (Memu).

2. Launch the project in the editor mode (ProjectMaker).

3. We go to BotUI. Located in the lower left part of ProjectMaker.

4. Open it in the “View” mode.

5. Fill all the fields in the tabs “General Settings”, “Kopeechka.store”.

6. Close BotUI.

7. Press “from the beginning” (F5 button), exposing the “button” daw.

8. Drink to the block “to the registration form”. At this point, you should start the device, install and open the application.

The application is necessary that was in the archive.

This is a .apk file
There are hundreds of versions of the same application. The interface architecture is different for them. If you choose any other version different from ours, the chances that you will earn something will strive for zero.

9. From this step, you can launch the project in the “to the end” mode (F11), because the implementation of the program on the previous steps directly depends on the capabilities of your computer and may vary.

10. The program will automatically ask for mail from the Kopeechka.store service and confirm it.

11. Confirmation of the link occurs through the ADB command, which sends a link to confirm registration to a special Frost+browser.
This browser was chosen because it cleanses the cookies and cache after each closing of the program.

The action can not be applied to browsers to “clean the application”, since in this case all their settings will also be dropped. In the case of resetting the settings, instead of confirming the account, you will click the buttons in the browser to undergo his training. This applies to all browsers.
Frost in the assembly from Kopeechka.store is already configured, so you do not have to face similar difficulties.

12. After confirming the account – the system will check whether everything is fine, by