ZennoPoster template for account autoregistration on tumblr.com

Link to download the template. This is a tumblr.com account auto-registrator using the ZennoPoster program.

Instructions for use

  • Select mail delivery method
    • select your own mail – Specify the path to the file with mails (format: email:pass)
    • receive mail from the kopeechka.store service – specify the token (secret key)
  • Specify the path to the proxy file (format: username:password@ip:port)
  • Choose a service for solving ReCaptcha 2
  • Specify the path to the file to save accounts data (password_account)

Why you should download this template

  • In this template, we have changed the data taking. Now the data is taken quickly from text files, and not long from heavy Excel spreadsheets, as a result Your PC is not so heavily loaded and can increase the number of threads;
  • A fully commented template, with a description and statement of actions that will be understood;
  • Added work with mails from Kopeechka.store, but at the same time they left the functions of working with your emails;
  • Support for all intended work with the template;
  • The minimum version of ZennoPoster for the template to work is

Benefits of autoregister accounts on tumblr.com

Tumblr is a content publishing and sharing platform that is open to anyone who wants to pick up an idea with millions of users around the world.

One of the most popular benefits of Tumblr.com is its huge variety of content. Here you will find everything from photography and graphic design to literature and music. The site offers probable opportunities for self-realization and creative self-expression of every person who creatively shares his love for art.

Another main plus of the tumbler is that adult content does not receive any 18+ mark and is not controlled in any way.

You can use tumblr.com auto-registered accounts to promote your own or someone else’s microblog, well, gahado zhahe. They are also in demand. from the same insta through stories, you can safely merge the audience on the toggle switch, and this is loyal.