ZennoPoster template for parsing images from Yandex Pictures

Parsing images from Yandex Pictures.

Instructions for using the template

1️⃣ First of all, you will need ZennoPoster version or later, you can download it here.
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2️⃣ You can run the template both with ZennoPoster (working mode) and with ProjectMaker (editor mode, our version).

If you still decide to work with ZennoPoster, you just need to “Add” a project, double-click on it with the mouse and go BOT UI.

1) Specify the file to save links (txt)

2) Choose the quantity

3) We indicate the path to preserve pictures

4) We indicate the token from the Captcha.Guru service

5) indicate the path to the file with proxy (txt)

3️⃣ Open the template in ProjectMaker and find there “Project variables” in the left-bottom part of the screen.

4️⃣ Proxy and the rest, we also select, on the left from the bottom, in the window we indicate the path to them.

Ready! You can work now.

Why is it worth downloading our template?

The presented script is a refinement of another one made by the ZennoLab team.

Our option:

1) Relevant.
We fixed bugs that users have previously complained about;

2) Has support from our developers.
Write to us if you encounter any difficulties, we will help!

3) Easy to understand even for a beginner.
A lot of comments inside the template will help you understand all its nuances and gain experience in automation.

4) Works faster.
We reworked data capture (Excel was replaced with text files) and fixed some more bugs based on our own experience.

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